Citizens High School

Established 1981

A Personal Class in a School of Thousands.


CHS School Profile

DETC Accreditation Citizens' High School is an accredited independent study high school founded in the summer of 1981 to provide people who had not completed their high school education an opportunity to earn their high school diploma. Citizens' program is individualized instruction utilizing distance education for communication between the school and student.

Our student body is comprised of students who range in age from young teenagers to senior citizens and who come from all social and economic backgrounds. We serve a wide variety of special groups: teenagers from home school families in all 50 states; children of American families living overseas; students unable to pursue their education in a resident setting due to unique personal situations, family or work commitments, illness, or handicaps; and professional athletes and entertainers.

Citizens' 9th - 12th grade curriculum is designed to give each student a solid foundation in the basic academic areas of English, math, science, and social studies. From its inception, CHS has supplemented its traditional academic high school subjects with an array of vocational subjects designed to enhance a student's marketable skills. Students interested in a vocational career may select electives from a wide range of business/technical subjects. Those students who are planning to pursue post secondary education are directed to take their electives in math, science, and other advanced academic subjects.

Each Citizens' subject is built around the latest edition of standard high school textbooks from major educational publishers. These texts have been converted to independent study through the use of Study Guides which act as a "teacher at home," offering the student step-by-step incremental learning built around general learning tips, self-check exercises, and general instructions. Many subjects also have workbooks, and if applicable to the subject, a student resource cd-rom. All such materials are furnished by Citizens'.

The secondary education shortcomings are a concern for all Americans and Citizens' has helped address this national problem by making it possible for its students to finish high school in a sound, challenging home study program. Citizens' High School is making a genuine contribution to the restoration of quality education by providing the opportunity to complete high school to students unable to pursue their education in a resident setting due to unique personal reasons or family and work commitments.

Citizens' main goal is to provide a viable social service in the form of well-educated, motivated graduates able to successfully continue their education on a post secondary level, if they so desire, and to obtain employment and succeed in their career goals.