Citizens High School

Established 1981

A Personal Class in a School of Thousands.


High School Diploma Program

Students enrolling in the Citizens’ High School diploma curriculum must complete a minimum of sixteen (16) units of credit to graduate. Each course in the diploma program is one (1) unit of credit, unless stated otherwise. The high school diploma program must be completed within three years (36 months) from the date of enrollment acceptance. All credits toward graduation must be earned in grades 9 - 12.

Estimated times of completion for the high school diploma:
12th Grade: 4 - 9 months
11th-12 Grade: 8 - 18 months
10th-12th Grade: 12 - 27 months
9th-12th Grade: 16 - 36 months

See Planning Your Curriculum in this Website for more information on curriculum requirements and the General and Academic programs of study.

Full credit is given towards the sixteen credits for all independent Citizens’ High School subjects previously taken. CHS will also accept other high school credits, as verified by an official grade transcript, (except Physical Education, Driver’s Training, Religion, Chorus, Band or ROTC) toward the completion of the sixteen credits required for graduation. A minimum of four (4) courses must be completed with Citizens’ High School to receive a diploma regardless of how many credits were previously earned.

Upon satisfactory completion of each course, a Certificate of Completion/grade report is given to the student. When all required subjects have been completed and all financial obligations to the school have been met, an accredited high school diploma will be awarded and an official grade transcript will be issued to the student.

Transcripts on every student are kept on file and are available upon the student’s written request. Requests for grade transcripts should be addressed to:

Citizens' High School
Attn: Onna L. East, Education Director
P.O. Box 66089
Orange Park, FL 32065-6089

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